Students at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences gather before school for the 14th annual "See You at the Pole" National Day of Student Prayer. The national student- led prayer event began in 1990 in Texas and has spread to 50 states and 20 countries according to organizers.
Greg Patrick is a DJ and program director at radio station 96 Wave in Charleston, SC. He thinks the most important aspect of his job is to break new music into the local scene and give listeners a real choice in what they hear over the airwaves.
Miss Burke High School contestants laugh while waiting backstage. Eight juniors competed for the title of Miss Burke 2000 to represent the school in their upcoming senior year. The pageant is a tradition that dates back more than 50 years. 
A pot-bellied seahorse is gently placed into its new exhibit tank at the Tennessee Aquarium. The seahorse exhibit was part of the 10-year anniversary celebration for the aquarium. 
The final stained glass window is placed inside the new Christ the Healer chapel at Memorial North Park Hospital after more than a month of preparation. The window, along with four others, was created by Dee Mays and her assistance Billie Jane Poole.
Nancy Garrett hands her mother Almeda Martin a protein shake for lunch after she refused breakfast. "Sometimes she can't keep anything down, so she just doesn't eat," said Nancy. Almeda's  prescription to stop nausea is empty, the drugstore can't deliver until tomorrow and Nancy can't leave the house because she is the only caregiver for her mother and brother. 
Twice a week, this vacant lot becomes the location for a church service with an unlikely congregation. Some people are homeless, but most are simply poor, and say they feel unwelcome at traditional church services so they prefer to meet here. 
"The long days give you plenty of time to think," said Darren Hanuaer, whose family has been raising cattle and farming sine the 1940s. His two grown sons are following in his footsteps, but his grandchildren have said they don't want to farm. 
Surfers make their way to shore near Surfer's Point in Ventura Ca. 
On the first day of summer school in Monterrey Mexico, students stand and introduce themselves. Conditions at the school are spartan compared to American standards and many immigrants in Dalton GA say education was a primary reason they moved to the United States. 

The Oklahoma City National Memorial has a reflection pool flanked by twin gates to commemorate the April 19 attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The East Gate represents 9:01 a.m. on April 19 and the moment before the attack. The West Gate represents 9:03 a.m. the moment the bomb exploded.

James Mapp worries the university's expansion plan will run over the few minority-owned businesses still operating on M.L. King Jr. Boulevard. "If they really want us to play a role in this, we need financial assistance, loans and grants. " said Mapp, who was instrumental in the city's civil rights movement and continues to be a voice for the community. 
Indiana University's Andrae Patterson puts up a jumper over Michigan's defense on their way to a victory. 
Animals considered too sick, too injured or too vicious for adoption at the Hamilton County Humane Educational Society are immediately placed in cages out of public view and marked for euthanasia.  
Karen Gruber presses a vial containing her sister's cremains to her lips while waiting to catch a glimpse of Brent Marsh outside the judiciary annex in LaFayette GA. Marsh pled to all charges associated with the Tri-State Crematory where more than 300 uncremated bodies were found onsite. 
Chattanooga police officers stay with Linda McCullough as she learns her nephew Demetrius Davis was shot and killed outside their Dorris Street home during an argument with another male. 
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